Monday, May 16, 2016

Tagan James Biography #LumberjackWerebear

Lumberjack Werebear (Saw Bears Series Book 1)
  • Name: Tagan James
  • Location: Asheland Mobile Park/Saragtoga, WY/Damon's Mountains
  • Crew: Ashe
  • Crew Position: Alpha after banishing his former Alpha, Jedediah Mosely for attacking Brooke
  • Parents:
    • Mother - Meredith James (Artist) lives in Boulder, CO
    • Father - Name unknown (Deceased)
  • Mate: Brooke Belle (Artist/Meredith James' Protege)
  • Children: 
  • Appearance
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Dark, Cropped Short
  • Vehicle: Truck
  • Tattoos: Bear (Tribal)
  • Scars: Chest
  • Animal: Blonde Grizzly with Dark Muzzle
  • Battles:
    • Killed Connor to save Brooke in Lumberjack Werebear.
    • Fought the IESA on the landing when Reynolds came for the Beck brothers in Timberman Werebear.
    • Fought the men hunting shifters in Gray Back Ghost Bear.
    • Came to Kong's aide against the gorilla shifters in Lowlander Silverback.
    • Came to Damon's aide against Marcus in The Last Immortal Dragon.
    • Helped fight the fires set by the government in Boarlander Silverback.
    • Came to Mason's aide against the boars in Boarlander Beast Boar.
  • Songs: