Saturday, May 21, 2016

The History of 1010

Thanks, TS Joyce

So, I promised I would tell you the magic of 1010 after I was done with Damon's story. Be kind, because y'all know I don't share much of my personal life. Here goes...

This is the 35 year old singlewide that I have writte
n most of my books from. It doesn't have any insulation, and the floors are squishy and rotted. Cream paint, green shutters, and a cheap waterlogged wooden door we painted red to cover the green mold that covered most of it. There is a hole near the bottom of the door, where a squirrel tried to get in. No dishwasher, no garbage disposal, and the window unit AC only reached half of the house. There was no insulation, so my family had to all sleep in one bed in the winter to keep warm. Nards is real. He left us lots of chocolate presents everywhere. In the winter, the pipes would freeze, and we would go without running water, and in the summer, wasps would build their nests in our walls, and the spider population would explode. You could feel a stiff breeze when you walked by any window, and the ceiling sagged with water every time it rained.

It might sound rough, but I love this trailer indescribably much. I have only JUST moved my family to a three bedroom home, but this trailer...y'all, my dreams came true in there. I got to write the books I wanted to from there. I got to connect with many of you while I lived there. And now I have a huge print of our trailer framed on my new office wall, because that little singlewide pulled my family from really bad times where we didn't have anywhere to live at all.

When I released The Witness and the Bear, we were having trouble putting food on the table. I remember when we found out how much I made off that book that first month, my husband and I broke down sobbing in our little kitchen. I was going to be able to buy our groceries for the month. I'd poured my heart into a book and y'all found it! It was such an incredible feeling. And the night I got my first paycheck for Witness, I took my family to the grocery store and we went all out. My kids were so excited because they got to get string cheese.

When I say y'all have my heart, it's because right along with 1010, y'all saved me. So thanks for finding me. Thanks for reading my books and letting my characters into your imaginations. 1010 is magic and so are you


  1. What an amazing insight into a writer's real life. Thanks for sharing this. I love your books and I was sure that 1010 must be real.

  2. I know I read your story before but having just read it again I have to say how much I admire your tenacity. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us.

  3. You make me dare to dream big.