Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Official TPBC Cookbook

As the 2016 year comes closer to an end, we look back on all the adventures we've had. We also look at the calendar to see that 2017 is filled with even more!

We are thrilled to announce, with your help, we will be creating the official Trailer Park Book Club Cookbook! How exciting is that? We will be gathering up recipes by theme in our official FB Group every week. 

We will release a free e-book that you can get right off of the website. There will even be a PDF version to print off from your printer.

But wait, it gets better! During the summer of 2017, this cookbook is going to be formatted into a paperback!

So dust off those family recipe cards and share because this crew is getting ready to cook!

Share your recipes under the following categories:

You can also find us:

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