Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All About Gray Back Alpha Bear (Gray Backs Book 2) by T. S. Joyce

Gia Cromwell Biography #GrayBackAlphaBear

Gray Back Alpha Bear (Gray Backs Book 2) by T. S. Joyce

Thank you, Nikki Shears, for putting this together for us!

**Spoiler Chat** Second of the Winterset Coven by T. S. Joyce

Second of the Winterset Coven by T. S. Joyce #ReleaseDay

Haydan Walker Biography #LumbermanWerebear

So much thanks go to Alexandra for writing Haydan's bio!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New TS Joyce Inspired Tattoo from the Trailer Park

Thanks for sharing with us, Shelli!

Bocephus Biography #TimbermanWerebear

Thank you, Stacey!

Petunia the Pygmy Pig Biography #AxmanWerebear

Thank you so much, Stacey, for finding this adorable picture and putting together all the details.

Danielle Clayton Biography #TimbermanWerebear

Thanks, Kat, for putting together Danielle's biography.

Dating Advice from the Trailer Park: Buy A Book

Thanks Tina Marie!

Friday, August 19, 2016

New TS Joyce Inspired Tattoos and Body Piercing from the Trailer Park

OM Tattoo is where Jaimie had her work done.

Kat's new tattoo representing all of TS's books.

I wasn't much into wanting a real bite mark so I went with a conch piercing and paw print jewelry instead.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Diem Daye Biography #AxmanWerebear

Thank you, Stephanie, for doing Diem's biography!

All About Woodsman Werebear (Saw Bears Book 6) by TS Joyce

Riley Miller Biography #WoodsmanWerebear

Thank you thank you thank you to Stacey for getting our girl Riley's biography together.

All About Timberman Werebear (Saw Bears 3) by TS Joyce

Denison Donovan Beck Biography #TimbermanWerebear

Thank you so much, Michele, for writing this up for us!

Brighton Beck Biography #SawmanWerebear

So much thanks, love, and appreciation to Angel for helping me with this!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

All About Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears Book 4) by TS Joyce

All About Woodcutter Werebear (Saw Bears Book 2) by TS Joyce

Skyler Drake Biography #WoodcutterWerebear

All my thanks and appreciation to Fran for putting this together.

Everly Moore Biography #SawmanWerebear

All my thanks and appreciation to Juanita for putting this together.

Blackwing Dragon **SPOILER CHAT THREAD**

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tattoo #FanArt from Kristi - Straight from Damon's Mountains

From Kristi:

now that it is mostly healed, i wanted to show off my latest skin art. this post felt appropriate with the shirt & all.  i really love how these books make me laugh and feel happy after a hard day's work. so, i wanted to carry that feeling with me all of the time. 

it is a yellow filigree / anatomical style heart (of course i had to rep the lovey-dovey aspect of the series & clinton & alyssa's story), with two mice (i am team nards, afterall :p) that are star gazing (the brooke & tagan story is one of my favorites, and it reminded me of her painting near the end of the story), with a "1010" at the bottom curve of the heart (because why not add a dash of that 1010 magic in the mix? :p)