Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Barret and Eden: Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett #AlphasChoice #RedHavocBadCat #MurderKitty

Alpha shared this on her Facebook:
So each book, I get asked about the music for it, because y'all probably know by now, I build a playlist for each couple. Well, if the characters let me listen to music, because sometimes they don't (*cough cough* most of Wolves of Winter's Edge). This time with Barret, it's been a little different. I didn't have to build it. I have pandora, and I picked the Sam Hunt playlist when I was driving around in Ghost one day, and almost every one on that playlist fit the mood for Barret and Eden (there y'all go, there's the first mention of his girl's name:) 
Here's a couple of the songs if y'all don't have Pandora...
  • Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett 
  • Drunk on Your Love - Brett Eldredge
  • Cop Car - Sam Hunt
  • In Case You Didn't Know - Brett Young 
  • Playing with Fire - Thomas Rhett 
  • Ride - Chase Rice
  • Small Town Boy - Dustin Lynch 
  • Strip it Down - Luke Bryan
I haven't gotten the chance to listen to this much country on a playlist since the Boarlanders and I'm loving it! <3Rox, here you go!

Wyatt and Harper: I'll Follow You by Shinedown #TrailerParkPick

Special thanks to Jennifer Beeley for this choice.

Lumberjack Wars: Bear My Soul Trivia Answers

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Lullaby for Aaron - Enter Sandman by Metallica

Cody was singing "Enter Sandman" by Metallica in a soft, deep voice. Oh, dear lord, that was't at all appropriate as a lullaby, but it was putting Aaron right to sleep. And as she listened with her head resting against the pillow near her son's, it struck her that the song choice seemed so...Cody. He was new to this dad thing, but it was sexy as hell that he didn't balk against singing a lullaby to his boy.

All About Bear My Soul (Fire Bears 1 ) by T. S. Joyce

Tour Announcement: TS Joyce in Peabody (Boston), MA with Talkbooks Author Event April 8, 2017

Please Note: T.S. Joyce will be attending this event without Tyler Halligan.

Trailer Park model Jonny James will be in attendance with another author.

Harper Keller Biography #BloodrunnerDragon

Wyatt Andrew James Biography #BloodrunnerDragon

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

For Diem - Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson #AxmanWerebear

We just wrapped up Week 6 of Lumberjack Wars and a visit to the "Marriage Before Love" story of Horace "Bruiser" Keller and Diem Daye. The Trailer Park Book Club presents our latest choice to add to the Songs from 1010 Playlist.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Brighton and Everly - Fix You by Coldplay #SawmanWerebear

"Touch was necessary to reassure himself that every thing was right in his world. And right now, Everly was it. She was everything he focused on, everything he thought about. He had to fix her because no one could fix him, and it couldn't be the same for another. He had to do something good for someone who needed it because no one could ever right the wrongs done to him."