New Edits From Tyler Halligan

Hey y'all! Tyler Halligan recently had a photoshoot with the amazing Wander Aguiar, and the resulting photos are stunning! These started releasing a few days ago, but I wanted to wait a bit to do a post on them until we had a few. And y'all...the wait was worth it! The shots with him and his lady love, Madelyn DeSantis, alone are incredible! Just gorgeous.

And guys...I've been lucky enough to meet and hang out with Ty a couple times, and he's an amazing guy. Really one of the best, with a great heart. And just from talking to Madelyn a bit...she seems amazing, as well. I'm gonna drop some links when I'm done here, and y'all make sure you give him a like and a follow. After seeing these amazing could you not want to? Check them out!

Aren't these absolutely gorgeous? I've basically run out of descriptors for these shots. I'd stare all day if I could. The couple shots especially, make me want to write a book just so I can have one on my cover. Ok guys, here's the links for Ty's Facebook and Instagram. You know what to do with them!


  1. Gorgeous, and I know I am old, but that first shot makes me think he would be perfect if they every redo The Thorn Birds.


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