TS Joyce Has A New Facebook Page

Hey y'all. Some of you already know what's gone on...and some might not. So, here's the recap. Last night, someone tried repeatedly to hack TS. When she blocked them, her page was reported. Facebook being the idiots that we all know they are, shut down all of her pages permanently. She has reopened to a new page, Tera Shanley. Here's what she had to say on her new page:

"Sorry y'all, new account. It's been a rough morning. Someone tried to hack me several times last night, and when I blocked them, I got reported for using my pen name on a personal account. FB shut my main accounts down permanently. I can't get those pages back, as much as I want to. Y'all please be patient with me while I build this one. I'll get it all gussied up as soon as humanly possible.
If you know friends on my other page, can y'all let them know i've moved? I have no way of accessing my other friend's list, and I've got some big stuff coming up to announce, raarr.
This is me. I'm T. S. Joyce, I answer to T. I got knocked on my ass a little this morning, but y'all know how I like to do things...give me a minute to dust these ashes off my shoulders ;) #phoenix"

There are a lot of theories going around right now. All I can say is that this is absolute BS, and I'm sad, hurt, and in general pissed the hell off right now. I try to stay neutral in my blogs posts. Y'all who have read me know this. Not this time, though. We all know that TS is an amazing writer. But she is also an amazing person, as well. Classy, nice, friendly, genuinely good. I'm proud to know her. And she's the last person who deserves this. I'm not totally sure what the motivation for this was, and we can all speculate on this until the cows come home, but none of us truly know. What I do know is that this has my blood pressure high and my fire ready to burn someone to the ground. Too graphic? I can't bring myself to care right now. And I know Rox feels the same way. They don't call us Dragon Twins for nothing.

So guys, let's build TS up. She has a new release coming soon, Red Havoc Rogue, that I know a lot of us are waiting on. Let's make this the best release she's ever had. I know we can do it. Let's rise up and show everyone that no one messes with our Alpha. We're Trailer Park Princess Warriors. Let's do this.

TS Joyce's New Facebook Page: Tera Shanley's Facebook Page


  1. Good job on this, Trailer Dragon Twin! Love ya girl!

  2. /rude to whomever hacked your accounts.. No worries though, we will follow you anywhere Alpha !! #DidntshutSHITdown #DontfuckwithmyALPHA #Wegotyour6Alpha

  3. /rude to whomever hacked your accounts.. No worries though, we will follow you anywhere Alpha !! #DidntshutSHITdown #DontfuckwithmyALPHA #Wegotyour6Alpha


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